perl oct(‘0b…’) to interpret binary strings

This is really a quick reminder about a perl function which does a little more than you’d perhaps expect. Need to convert a binary (or hex or octal) string to an integer? The perl documentation for the oct(EXPR) function starts out with:

Interprets EXPR as an octal string and returns the corresponding value.

Then includes the comment:

(If EXPR happens to start off with 0x, interprets it as a hex string. If EXPR starts off with 0b, it is interpreted as a binary string. Leading whitespace is ignored in all three cases.)

So that’s handy:

DB<1> p oct(‘0555’) # octal
DB<2> p oct(‘0b101101101’) # binary
DB<3> p oct(‘0x16d’) # hex

Reversing what we can do in printf/sprintf :

DB<4> printf(“%04o\n%b\n%x\n”, 365, 365, 365)

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